Benefits Of Finger Print Lock On Mobile Devices

With the increasing rate of technological advancement, most mobile devices now come with finger print lock which makes it very much easier and reduces the stress of having to type in your password. Passwords, albeit an effective protection technique, can easily be forgotten as a result of too many brain activities or emergencies. Imagine you have an emergency call to make or you are in the midst of a problem and you can’t put yourself together to type in your passcode, the fingerprint lock comes to the rescue.

The fingerprint lock is a simple means of identification and authentication using your fingers as the scanner of your mobile device detects your fingerprints and then unlocks your device as no two person’s fingerprints can ever be the same. It is the quickest and most effective way of accessing your device, saves a lot of time, and can also be used to detect and track criminals by law enforcement agencies.

Below are some of the benefits you can get when you have a fingerprint lock on your mobile device.

Benefits Of Finger Print Lock On Mobile Devices

Here are the benefits of having a  fingerprint lock on your mobile devices and how they can serve as a very effective tool for security systems.

High Level Of Security

The fingerprint lock is more secure than the usual passcodes used for locking our mobile devices as everyone has different fingerprints and the device immediately detects when someone else tries to use it as no two individuals have the same pattern or sensors on the fingers. The device knows when its owner is accessing it because it already has its prints registered and locks out an unknown person.

It Can’t Be Altered

This is a very important benefit of fingerprint lock because, unlike passcodes that could be hacked and traced, the finger of one individual varies to another and the system recognizes any print registered unless in cases of surgery where such fingers were replaced.

It Saves Memory Loss

Most persons have a hard time remembering things as a result of one thing or the other, which is where the fingerprint lock comes in as there will be no need to try to remember what passcode was used or patterns were drawn. Just with a touch of your finger and everything becomes accessible on your mobile device.

Detection Of Criminals

Law enforcement agencies can now track criminal activities and apprehend criminals as well as track citizens of a country.

Authentication Purposes

The fingerprint lock can be used to authenticate or give access to your mobile devices.


The fingerprint Lock saves you a whole lot of time and effort in trying to remember your passcode and it serves as a means of authenticating anything on your device thereby blocking access to criminals or hackers and proving to be an effective security improvement. The article examines some of the benefits of having finger print locks and why they have become the go-to security system for mobile devices.



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