Forming Everyday Cleaning Habits for a Spotless Kitchen

The kitchen sees a ton of traffic and messy jobs day in and day out. Food splatters, spills, greasy buildup, and clutter can quickly make this space feel disorganized and dirty.
By forming regular daily and weekly cleaning habits, you can stay on top of the mess and maintain a constantly clean kitchen with little effort. Here are some habits to build for kitchen cleanliness success:

Daily Kitchen Cleanup

Doing mini cleanups daily prevents messes from piling up into huge weekend projects. Try to build a habit of quick daily kitchen resets:
  • Tidy counters – Clear clutter, wipe up spills, take out trash.
  • Wash dishes – Wash dishes after each meal or load the dishwasher daily.
  • Wipe appliances – Use microfiber cloth to wipe down appliances used that day.
  • Sweep floors – Quickly sweep up dirt, crumbs, and debris from floors.
  • Take out trash – Don’t let trash overflow. Take it out daily.
  • Do a visual scan – Scan for clutter, out of place items, upcoming projects.
Devoting just 10-15 minutes to these daily tasks keeps the kitchen looking orderly. Playing music can make it fun!

Friday Deep Clean

Letting cleaning stack up all week leads to weekend frustration. Avoid this by doing a deeper clean each Friday:
  • Clean sink – Remove food debris, scrub surfaces, shine faucet.
  • Clean countertops – Clear completely and sanitize with disinfecting wipes or cleaner.
  • Clean floors – Sweep then mop thoroughly under appliances, behind doors, etc.
  • Clean appliances – Wipe interior and exterior, including grease filters, drip pans, etc.
  • Take out recyclables – Empty recycling bin and take to curb for pickup.
  • Meal plan/grocery shop – Plan next week’s meals and shop so kitchen stays organized.
Friday cleanings refresh the kitchen for the weekend and get you ahead for the upcoming week.

Sunday Evening Reset

Reset the kitchen after the weekend, so it’s ready for the week ahead:
  • Clear surfaces – Remove everything from counters and clean.
  • Clean oven and stove – Remove built up grease and food debris.
  • Empty fridge and wipe – Toss expired items, wipe spills, and organize.
  • Restock staples – Check staples like milk, bread, produce and restock as needed.
  • Take out trash and recycling – Empty all bins to start week fresh.
  • Shine sink – Scrub sink and polish faucet to revive shine.
  • Meal prep – Chop veggies or prepare part of a meal for easy weeknight cooking.
These weekly cleaning resets maintain order despite the weekday kitchen commotion.

Monthly Deep Clean

For a sparkling kitchen, tackle these tasks on a monthly basis:
  • Clean inside cabinets – Remove everything, clean shelves, and reorganize.
  • Clean lighting – Use microfiber duster wand to clean light fixture covers.
  • Clean windows and sills – Wash inside and out, dust sills, and wash window treatments.
  • Clean appliances thoroughly – Clean inside, behind, and under large appliances.
  • Clean walls – Spot clean grease, dust cobwebs, and remove smudges.
  • Clean out pantry – Check expiration dates, toss old food, and organize shelves.
  • Clean out under sink – Toss expired products and tidy cabinet.
Monthly deep cleaning covers those easily overlooked cleaning tasks for a super fresh kitchen.
By sticking to daily wipe downs, weekly cleanings, and monthly deep cleans, kitchen messes don’t stand a chance. Consistent cleaning habits are the key to maintaining a constantly tidy kitchen. For more quick tips on kitchen cleanliness, check out this guide to a clutter-free kitchen from the home organization experts at TotalHome.


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